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Frozen – The Musical

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Dive into a captivating winter wonderland unlike any other! FROZEN THE MUSICAL is making its way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thus brace yourselves! The adored sisters Anna and Elsa coming from Arendale will lead you on a magical ride into their frosty realm, as they find their connection with one another. Joining them on their adventure will be other endearing members of the cast, so prepare yourself for exciting adventures with Olaf and Sven.

Frozen the Musical will come to life at the Academy Of Music on Friday 29th March 2024. This mesmerizing musical adaptation of the beloved Disney movie Frozen promises to transport you to a magical realm and capture the hearts of numerous. Both can enjoy this performance, boasting catchy hit songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Considered one of the must-attend shows of this spring, this family-friendly musical is not to be missed.

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The Musical Frozen is inspired by the 2013 hit film bearing the exact title. The musical's spellbinding melodies and words are crafted by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, while Jennifer Lee adding the fascinating story. Essentially, the plot revolves around the bond of a pair of royal sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa possesses unusual powers to solidify objects and individuals, but she struggles to manage them. Following unintentionally bringing about an endless winter upon her kingdom, Elsa flees and accidentally puts her sister's life. To save the day, she must offer a sacrifice that proves her genuine love.

Frozen’s narrative is embraced by enthusiasts around the globe. It perfectly represents the essence of love and family bonds. Including a stellar soundtrack that resonates with both young ones and grown-ups, Frozen has become a fixture in households across the globe. The original movie brought to life the voices of incredibly talented performers, with Kristen Bell voicing Anna and Idina Menzel lending her voice to Elsa.

“Step aside, Frosty,” stated Variety upon the introduction of the 2013 Disney cartoon film. “A whimsical snowman with a longing to experience summer easily steals the spotlight in “Frozen,” Disney’s 53rd internally produced animated presentation and one of its most vintage, having a lineage originating from Hans Christian Andersen, a full song-and-dance score, and minimal traces of the ironic comedy that has evolved into the common language of contemporary cartoons. Nevertheless, this always pleasurable tale of enigmatic magic, imperiled princesses, and bold, resolute men of action delivers more in terms of striking visuals than on truly engaging or memorable characters.”

Prepare to take a enchanting voyage into a icy realm like never before as Frozen the Musical graces the spotlight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This kid-friendly musical assures enjoyment for children and adults alike, delivering a blend of joy for all generations. Adapted from a smash hit film that remains relevant a long time after its debut, Frozen the Musical is destined to bring joy! With themes of love, loss, and family bonds, the core message of the story will leave an impact on your souls. Come to the Academy Of Music on Friday 29th March 2024 for this remarkable stage performance! Don't skip out on Frozen the Musical; secure your tickets right away by clicking ‘get tickets’ at once before they're gone!

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