Frequently asked questions

When was the Philadelphia Academy of Music built?

Building work on the Academy began in 1855. It was completed in 1857 and had its first opera in February of that year.

Does the Academy of Music Philadelphia have an elevator?

Elevators move between all levels of the Academy of Music. Likewise, accessible seating is available on all levels, and tickets can be purchased from the online box office.

What is the oldest opera house in Philadelphia?

The Academy of Music is the oldest opera house in Philadelphia, opening in 1857. It is also the oldest opera house still used for its original purpose in the USA today.

Is this website owned by Academy of Music?

No, this website is an independent guide operated by Pure Tonic Marketing. We have no relation to Academy of Music, Kimmel Center or any related businesses. We are entirely independant and aim to provide as much information on the Academy of Music Center in Philadelphia and related entertainment events.