Academy of Music Rules

For your safety and comfort, and that of those around you, visitors to the Academy of Music Philadelphia are asked to adhere to the following rules and regulations. Patrons please note that these restrictions are in place to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible for all visitors to the Academy of Music.

There are exceptions to some of these rules for those with medical requirements or disabilities. Please contact the venue if you have any questions about accessibility.

Arrival Time

The Academy recommends arriving between 30 and 45 minutes before showtimes. This will allow you to find your seat and go through any security checks. These may include walking through metal detectors, as well as inspections of large bags. Some smaller purses, satchels, and handheld items may also be checked.

Electronic Devices

All handheld electronic devices, including mobile phones and cameras, must be turned off and remain unused throughout the duration of a performance, as bright lights and electronic noises are distracting for the audience and the performers.

Restricted Items

The following items are not permitted:

  • Oversized bags or backpacks
  • Pets, except for service animals
  • Selfie sticks, tripods, or mini pods
  • Signs, flags, and banners
  • Fireworks or noisy devices
  • Skateboards, scooters, or rollerblades
  • Laser pointers or flashlights
  • Balloons, beach balls, or other projectiles
  • Weapons
  • Illegal substances

Smoking Policy

Smoking and vaping (e-cigarettes) are not allowed in the building, though there is a designated seating area outside. You cannot bring your own food and drink into the Academy. Any electronic devices, including mobile phones and cameras, must be switched off during the performance.

Food & Drink Policy

Refreshments are available in the eating areas outside the theatre in the Kimmel Center. These concession stands and bars are accessible before and after a performance as well as during the interval. Please do not bring your own food and drink into the Academy of of Music.