Academy of Music Seating Chart

academy of music pa seating chart

The parquet features a body of seats closest to the orchestra pit/main stage. This is one of two ‘VIP’ areas, and also has the surrounding parquet circle with floor level private boxes. Accessible seating can  be found in the back rows of the parquet circle.


The balcony sits one row above the parquet. It has some VIP seating in boxes close to the stage, as well as accessible seats near the rear. There are some limited views due to columns.

Family circle

The second raised section sits above the balcony. Accessible seating is located at the rear, and there are several obscured views closer to the stage.


The highest row sits above the family circle. There is no accessible seating on this level, and there are multiple limited view seats.

Accessible Seating

The Academy Of Music has wheelchair/mobility scooter accessible areas where visitors can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to theater seats – those who require to stay in their wheelchairs are required to select this option specifically when making a booking online.

There are wheelchair-accessible seats in the parquet, balcony, and family circle areas. An accessible entrance is on the south side of the Academy, leading to the main lobby. There are also accessible restrooms on the canteen level.

If you need to book wheelchair-accessible seats, you can buy these online or by calling 215 893 1999.