Academy of Music Seating Chart

academy of music seating chart

The interior of the Academy of Music theatre is a spectacle in itself; a 5,000 lb chandelier hangs in the centre of the ceiling. Upon the proscenium is a bust of Mozart, while above it, on the cornice, are notable figures of Poetry to the left and Music to the right. Charles Bushor and Joseph A. Bailly are responsible for the extensive carvings and wooden sculpture decorations throughout the theatre.

Featuring seating across 4 floors, patrons should be aware that due to the building’s age, some seats, largely due to the 15 support columns that provide support to the balcony. These seats are clearly marked on the online seating chart when you make your booking online.

Accessible Seating

The Academy Of Music has wheelchair/mobility scooter accessible areas where visitors can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to theater seats – those who require to stay in their wheelchairs are required to select this option specifically when making a booking online. Wheelchair accessible seating is located in the Parquet Circle and Balcony Sections of the theatre.